Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Colt Popup

Some of you are probably wondering why Jim French's Colt didn't make my top 12 list.
Well, he didn't work during the classic early period of physique photography in the 1940s 
and 50s, so that's the main reason, plus his work was also in a class of its own.  
We start our Colt popup with very popular model Erron.



  1. It is very odd, but I have no recollection of seeing Colt. I am sure it would have been available, both in England as well as France, but somehow I never saw it. Erron, like some other models, seems to have a timeless quality because his pretty "face" pops up regularly.

    1. I can recall seeing some of Jim French's photos in the 70s, but I wasn't aware of the branding until much later.