Saturday, October 22, 2022

Hitting the Locker Rooms

We're visiting locker rooms today, starting with Boston Red Sox
 player Joe Albanese as photographed by George Silk for LIFE.



  1. We gotta be careful not to sexualize this. I think that contributed to today's penis paranoia. Yeah, modesty and mores kept these pictures in the vault for years, but it was also a certain respect for the privacy of the men being photographed.

    1. I agree. I post them mainly as a tribute to a more innocent and natural time.

    2. The photographer could have "cropped" the image in camera...except, he didn't know where on page layout it would fit, so they include as much working space as possible, knowing they can censor/crop in Layout Dept.

    3. Yes, the general consensus was that the athletes were told that their privates would be cropped out of the published photos. And that was true for the magazines issued at the time. What they didn't know was that LIFE (and probably others) kept an archive of the original uncropped images that would appear 50 years later on a thing called the internet.