Monday, October 10, 2022


This guy looks like he's working on an electric alarm clock.
I hope somebody unplugged it first.



  1. And remember: spring ahead, fall back.

    1. I didn't even think of that! Yeah, that would be an adjustment if you don't do DST. Years ago I used to communicate with some bank offices in Indiana. I'm in PA. In Indiana some counties did DST and others didn't. Trying to organize a teleconference between three or more locations was a challenge. I read somewhere the whole state eventually went to DST. But I digress.

      Back to the photo. You have to wonder, though. What the H E double hockey sticks is he doing?

      P.S. Among other things, I like his eyebrows.

    2. I wondered what he was doing, too. My best guess is removing the face cover for some reason.

  2. Another delightful image. A fabulously bushed young man. Doing something manly. A modelling mate of mine in similarly endowed, but with a shorter penis. He has to trim the lower part of his luxuriant bush or his penis gets hidden.