Friday, October 21, 2022

Popup Post - Firemen

Today I'm doing a quick popup series of old time firemen I find quite attractive.
We start with A. Armstrong, Superintendent of Horses for the Detroit F.D. in 1890.



  1. Those kind of man ( vintage), seems to be respectful, honorable, and awesome to date, but they are in the past time, unfortunately.

  2. My cousin Jerry is a retired fireman from Utah, now living a life of leisure in Panama. Surfing away like he did in Southern California where he was born and raised. It was a shock for him (total surfer) when at 16, his dad moved the family to Utah for a better job.
    From surfer to snowboarder in '77. Ya can't surf in the Great Salt Lake.
    What a surprise when our surfer/snowboardin' cuzzin' became a fireman !
    Once saved a little girl from a raging house fire, he literally went into the flames
    of death. He was offered an award from the girls family, but refused because as he said, he was just doing his job. How proud we are of him.
    -Rj in the IE