Monday, November 28, 2022

1968 yet again

Here we have yet another of a group of files I found labeled only "1968"
and mostly consisting of younger models in color.



  1. In such colour photographs that there were, it is this clear blue that I always associate with physique photography. I am presuming that it is a California sky.

    1. The clear blue Californian sky in these colour photos is always a treat, especially here in the UK on grey damp days like today. Great view of a nice pair of low hangers here.


    2. We had an ash cloud around daybreak here in Hawaii. Mauna Loa is erupting after a 38 year break. No imminent threat to populated areas so far.

    3. I heard about this on the news and immediately thought of you. They did say there was no threat to the population...yet. The way the newscaster said YET made it sound like they expected it to be a threat. Glad to hear you're OK.

    4. This one is farther away than the Kilauea eruption of 2018 that was only eight miles from here. It explains why my windows were rattling when I went to bed last night, but felt no earthquake. The harmonics of Mauna Kea eruptions are slow and gentle, so you don't really feel the little quakes. When Kilauea went off in '18, we had a 6.9 that lasted 45 seconds. Those two have very different characters.

  2. My favorite topic: low-hangers.