Monday, November 21, 2022


I initially thought that was a tree Drew Burton is leaning against,
but I've decided it's a support post for the lath sunshade. 



  1. These really are spacious and exotic grounds which must have belonged to one of Bruce Bellas's wealthy friends whose properties I have only just learnt he used for photo shoots. Mr Burton boosts his vitamin D levels with great elegance.

    1. Yes, even back then such a property would have been very expensive in LA.

  2. The physique photographers always seemed to find nice properties to use for scenery. Some were clients, others were real estate agent friends who let them use the properties before a sale. One of the most famous is the palatial Sol Wurtzel estate in Bel Air CA, used by Bob Mizer in the 50s for shoots with Hank Evans, Larry Carr, Dick Dubois and a duo with Keith Stephan and Sam Hunter. Bob could use the home and its pool becaue at the time the home was owned by Anthony Norvell , a famous clarevoyant/astrologer. Mr Norvell let Bob use the home in exhange for free photosets. The home has been mistaken for the house used in the film Sunset Boulevard. The Sunset Boulevard house was in Hancock Park and belonged to the ex-wife of J Paul Getty who let Billy Wilder use the house for the film. Billy Wilder had to have the pool built for the film.
    And thats the evidence. You see, the pool in Sunset Blvd is square, the Wutzler pool has scalloped curves as seen in Bobs photos. Also, the photo sets show the elaborate stair cases, balustrades and collonades of the Wurtzler home.
    This can be verified because the Sol Wurtzler estate is still around and you can compare the images on Google. I did this mysel out of curiosity.
    The only photo set taken at the Sunset Boulvard film house were with the young Arnie Payne. He is shown out front of the house in his photo set.
    Knowledge is POWER !
    -Rj inthe IE