Monday, November 21, 2022


It looks like someone thoughtfully put a coverlet and a small cushion on the 
board bench for Drew Burton to lie on in this very nice reclining shot.



  1. Drew Burton had a very harmonious physique and seems to have known when to stop putting on bulk. His is very much one of the "faces" I remember from the long ago but these outdoor images are completely new to me for some odd reason. I am so very pleased to see the new-to-me material. The images in this series, to no one's surprise given Bruce Bellas's outstanding talent, are excellence itself.

    On a grey, cold, windy and wet day here in England and with less than an hour of daylight left, you have brought us all some sunshine, Jerry, in this series.

    1. I agree about Mr. Burton's physique being one of those who got it just right. Glad to have brightened your day!