Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Nerdy pool cleaner

Although you can't see the pool, I can tell you that this nerdy looking guy 
was cleaning it, surrounded by comely females.  This proves for once and for all that 
Adonis good looks were not required to get into 1960s nudist resorts.



  1. I have never been to a nudist colony in my life, but I hear that the number of females is far fewer in comparison with the men who ask to join. It's been interesting to note the female presence in today's series which possibly does not reflect reality.

    1. At least in the USA, nudist groups frequently imposed limits on the number of single males admitted. There were complicated rules for this, and while trolling the nudist magazines for photos, I've found several editorials debating the various policies. Later observers have commented on two underlying themes. The most common is that the organizations did not want the women, many of whom were married, to be overwhelmed by masses of leering men. Then there is the secondary theory that they were trying to keep out homosexual men. Like I said, it was complicated.

  2. He might not win any 'Mr. Handsome' prize, but he has the part that I am interested in!