Saturday, December 10, 2022

Cover Man

From what I can tell, Harry Bush's work began appearing in physique pictorial as early as 1963.  By January, 1966 Mr. Bush had a cover image in which a young man appears to have been sent for a disciplinary session with the camp counselor.  We all know where this is going, lol.


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  1. Troy's been at it again, messing around with the other boys, raging hormones and all. They always say these jock types have more needs than the average boy. Poor Troy, do think it's the other boys that mess around him and his good nature. You know some of those other boys aren't so innocent. It's been said some of them glance at Troy in the showers and they refer to Troy as the camp counselor's pet. Hopefully Troy will get through with this. After camp he's going to help his best friend Chad with Human Biology Studies opening school semester. Rj/IE