Saturday, December 10, 2022

California Boys

Harry Bush captured a lot of the quintessential California Boy elements in his work.  
Sun bleached (or in some cases peroxided) hair, tans, and of course surfing.


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  1. Chad and Troy horsing around as usual, well what do you expect of such healthy, well-built, fine athletic young men. Football, wrestling and swimming you name the sport they do it, typical jocks. Inseparable like kittens, they say they're 'bros', I say a hell of a lot more than just 'bros'! Not to mention their locker-room behavior, hi-fiving each other, slapping each other's ASSES with their towels, laughing like hyenas, terrorizing the rest of us with their wild antics. Antics like shutting the hot water off while the rest of us were showering, the time I was on the bench tying my shoes and I felt these warm weights on my bare shoulders, well if it wasn't Troy and Chads 'junk' on my shoulders!
    Or that time they insisted I be the school mascot, as I soon I heard their hyena laugh I knew I was in for it! Deliberately getting naked before everyone else and staying naked in the locker-room as long as possible, showing off their well-formed naked bodies, large cocks and balls swaying. Being the coach's pets, they got away with everything, you name it they got away with it.
    OUTRAGEOUS! (not that I minded, after all I'm the one that helped Chad and Troy with algebra so they could stay on that damned football team, while they helped me on my intensive studies on the biology of the young, athletic California male) -Rj/IE