Saturday, December 17, 2022

Dennis Connors

Tony Guyther's wide ranging tastes in men was rounded out by a boyish Dennis Connors.



  1. Most definitely one of the "faces" I recall from way back when because Dennis Connors was wearing the smallest posing pouch I had ever seen. As my teenage eyes ogled, my teenage mind boggled.

    1. That is a very small posing pouch. Lovely as Mr. Connors body is, I was totally taken in by his beautiful dreamy eyes.


  2. Connors Corner, the tv show you never saw. Dennis the Menace and Leave it Beaver can't compare to Dennis Connors exploits in suburban Southern California. A fun and rambunctious show for a certain type of viewer.
    Helping wash Mr. Harris' DeSoto, cleaning Mr. Lampson's pool, helping Mr. Jones with his groceries or fixing up a hot-rod with his buddies Mitch and Pal.
    Everyone's favorite episodes are when Dennis Connors sunbathes in his parent's backyard, while Mr. Belosso watches from his window in the boarding house next-door. Such a sweet boy, well known by ALL the men in the neighborhood, who just clamor for him every week on the show.
    TV in 1959 will never be same!
    - Rj/IE