Saturday, December 17, 2022

Trio of Unknowns

This trio of unknown models leaves me wondering if Anthony Guyther 
either knew or was somehow influenced by George Platt Lynes.



  1. The Three Graces as interpreted by Guyther, -Rj

  2. What a beautiful photo. Definite GPL feel to this.


  3. L'artiste peut etre competitif, pour le plaisir d'art, pour les affections d'un modele ou simplement pour montrer qu'il peut faire mieux que l'autre artiste. Peut-etre Monsieur Guyther voulait montrer qu'il pouvait etre aussi artistique que Monsieur Platt-Lynes par appreciation.

    Gentilhomme a Paris

    1. This is a mystery we will never solve, but it is fun to speculate. Neary all the time Mr. Guyther was working, it was illegal to distribute or exhibit Mr. Lynes' frontal nude photos. (And it was even unwise to do so with derriere shots.) Mr. Lynes only showed those type of photos to close friends and colleagues. So they would have to have known each other for direct influence, but as they lived in similar cultural milieus, indirect influence seems quite possible.