Thursday, December 1, 2022

Early 20th Century Art

Our theme today is early 20th Century art, and we start with this 1902 work by Gourdault.
I initially thought the model used a crutch, but that's a staff, and the upper arm is damaged.



  1. I think you were right the first time — that looks like a crutch to me. T-shaped, some sort of fabric padding the top.

    1. What threw me off was the angle at which the crutch is tilted. It would have to have had a very broad cradle at the top, but they might have made it that way.

    2. I think it is a t shaped one. With added cloth padding. Lovely work. Oh, to be able to time travel to see all the "kit" life studios used then.

    3. A market has arisen for physique photographers props, leaving me to wonder if there is a collectibles trade for artists'.