Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Frank Hlivjka

Frank Hlivjka is sprawled on some sort of animal skin.  I was going to tell everyone to say his 
last name three time really fast, but realized no one could pronounce it even once.



  1. It's either Slovak or Croatian, and I can pronounce it.

  2. The H is silent. Pronounced LIV (as in Liv Ullmann) JACK.

    1. Actually, in Slovak and Croatian, the H is not silent. It's pronounced similarly to "ch" is in German.

  3. Talk about being bare on a bear-skin rug.
    Would his name be pronounced LIV-eeka or LIV-I-ka?
    Those Slavic languages with their silent letters and like Hungarian, those accent marks on vowels and consonants and the use of combinations of s's and z's and c's and proper pronunciation (as here) will drive you crazy! Polish, Czech and Russian are so different you cannot learn one from the other. Hungarian, forget it! One of Europe's orphan languages like Basque, Albanian, Finnish, Celtic, Lithuanian, exotic languages related to no other in Europe. So, unlike the Slavic, Germanic and Latin-based languages of the majority. Hungarian on my mom's side, at one time as a three-year-old I could somewhat converse in that lethal language. Not anymore, too difficult with all its long-lettered combination words
    and exacting pronunciations.