Saturday, December 10, 2022

Honey Tan

Here we have a typical California scene, a neophyte sunbather with a "beginner's guide," a sheet of camp rules, and an admonition not to burn.  He's using a product called Honey Tan, and it seems to have attracted a bee . . . or is that a fly?  There's quit a bit going on here.



  1. You wonder, did Harry ever use real life models?
    If so, I wouldn't have minded being around.
    Harry Bush was enamored by the California boys and who could blame him.
    - Rj/IE

    1. I've read that he occasionally used live models. He also used physique photos for practically literal interpretations, and I even did a side by side comparison of those in an earlier series. Click on the Harry Bush label at right to see them.

    2. Just looked up the tab and saw what you meant. Buzz Corbett, Chuck Shields, Scotty Cunningham and even Fabian came to mind. (I even had/have left comments on some of them) Perhaps Harry Bush never used live models. From his back story, it seems he was somewhat paranoid and ornery, that may have prevented him from approaching men to model for him. Thus, the reason he used photographs. - Rj/IE

    3. Some people who knew Harry Bush said his biggest issue was not coming to terms with his sexuality. The other stuff probably came out of that.