Thursday, December 8, 2022

Jim Corder

You can't get much more "California" than this Mel Roberts photo of Jim Corder.
The sky, the ocean, the beach, the nicely tanned male . . . oh, my.
Thanks to Arlen G. who sent this in like two years ago.



  1. Oh to be on a Californian beach - the blue sky, the sun, the sand, the ocean ... and can l have Mr. Corder there with me too please?! Stunning image.


    1. And the colors are perfect!

    2. Yes, this is one of the best color images I've ever posted.

  2. A postcard in its own right. Peter, the California beaches are a mix bag.
    We don't have the crystal blue waters of Florida or Hawaii.
    The main ones are crowded to the heavens. But we have some that can be fun. The one I go to is 3-mile-long Crystal Cove in Laguna Beach. Off-season we sometimes get unusually warm weather, and you can have 1 mile of the beach almost all to yourself, there might be a dozen other people.
    It's a family beach (though I have seen a few men ware thongs) so no swimming or tanning in the buff, we have Black's Beach for that. -Rj