Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Los Angeles Week, Day 3 - R.A. Enterprises

Our third LA based photographer will be R.A. Enterprises.  If you've seen the photos in today's series under the names Apollo, Zenith, Richard Fontaine, Dick Fontaine, and/or the aforementioned R.A., not to worry.  It's all the same guy, Richard "Dick" Fontaine.  For more of his work and some more details, click on the R.A. label in the right hand column of this page.



  1. Another iconic postcard of Los Angeles. At the top, City Hall and the Federal Building and Post Office. At the bottom, Mac Arthur Park in Westlake with the berm that carries Wilshire Boulevard across it. The buildings from left to right - the Park Wilshire Hotel, The Asbury apartments, the First Congregational church, the Elks Temple, and the Wilshire Royale apartments. -Rj/IE

    1. "MacArthur's (sic) park is melting in the dark . . . "

    2. LoL- I thought the same thing, and Richard Harris left the cake out in the rain!
      When my relatives moved from San Francisco to LA (before my time in 1956) They headed to all of LA's sites. Mac Arthur Park, Griffith Park, Olivera Street, Chinatown, Grauman's Theater and Downtown. Granma and the girls went window-shopping at May Co, Broadway, Bullocks and Robinsons. My dad and his brothers headed to Pershing Square (at that time naive young men not knowing of Pershing Squares reputation) where they were propositioned by older men. Needless to say, they skedaddled out of there. -Rj/IE