Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Mac Force

Our first R.A. photo is a guy they called Mac Force, surely not his real name.
Read the print piece up top to start the series with a chuckle.



  1. One of Mizer's character symbols (rarely used) told us the model enjoyed tongue in cheek humor. Whenever I did see it, I would pause and think "OK Bob, I think I know what you're really saying".

  2. That's one LOADED statement about Mr. Force! And to think I saw guys dressed like that while going to leather bars in LA on a dare back in the 80s. The experience was a bit of a shock, but not as horrible as I thought it would be. Almost 40 years ago, how is that possible, it seems almost like yesterday.
    (And NO I DID NOT go into any of the dark rooms).

  3. Love that crack of Mac! Dee Exx