Monday, December 5, 2022


I found this Russ Warner photo of Norm Tousley by a ruined dock that I somehow 
managed not to post until now.  This should be a real treat for the Bum Brigade.



  1. Yes, it is a real treat. Thank you.

  2. Yes, the muscular, callipygian Mr Tousley. -(Norman Paul Tousley, Jr.)
    Upsetting to find with that body, he had no bodybuilding wins or titles.
    Either he never entered a physique contest, the judges were blind or Tousley wouldn't "put-out" for them. A heroic fireman, who almost lost his job in 1955,
    when the Alameda city-manager discovered he had posed in the nude
    (per Oakland Tribune April 22, 1955) Fired then re-hired due to union rules and the city's arcane contract. (nothing about posing nude to be terminated)
    Russ Warner took a great picture there of Norman Tousley's backside.
    The lighting, the contrast between Tousley's baby-smooth muscular body and
    the rough surface of the pilings, make for a beautiful image of the male form.
    - Rj/IE

    1. This is one of Russ Warner's finest photos for all the reasons you mentioned. I was aware of Mr. Tousley's job issues, but I'm glad you put it on here. Worth repeating.

  3. Once again, you have found treasure, GoldenEye. I had never seen such a view of his backside. Now, I know he was perfect. Thank you, again.