Sunday, December 18, 2022

Not too comfortable

I'm not 100% sure this is Richard Bennett for obvious reasons, but I have other photos 
of him in surroundings like this.  The amazing thing here (other than the fine derriere) is 
the way Danny Fitzgerald has him posed in close congruence with the contours of the rock.


  1. Another fine study by Fitzgerald.
    The model's feet add to the eroticism of the image, the pose must of have been somewhat uncomfortable. (David Life model would know)
    Who is the stunning model? -Rj/IE

    1. I think it's Richard Bennett, but I'm not certain. All the others in today's set are him.

    2. I wonder if its Orest Daszo, Nestor Derkach or another model only known as Neri. Such exotic names, such exotic men. What a hot house Brooklyn must have been for such fine-looking men. Afterall, Brooklyn is known for its botanic gardens! - Rj/IE

  2. han er som mykt kjott hugget ut av klippen. hans glatte, vakre kropp bringer en tone av erotikk til bildet. herr fitzgerald laget en fin komposisjon av den mannlige formen. *osloson