Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Denny Denfield in Color

What do you get when you mix Denny Denfield, some great models, California 
natural settings, and a roll of color film?  Magic.  That's what you get.



  1. Replies
    1. Curses! Now I've got that awful 60s song about Snoopy and the Baron playing in my head.

  2. Man, you are slam-dunking on this year already. Whew, what a series. And is that some red bush?

  3. You're spot on, Jerry. That mix of ingredients can only result in magic.

    I really like this photo and particularly like the model. Would love to know who he is and see more of him. That's a lovely fiery red bush and the hair on his arms, legs and balls is nicely captured in the light too.


    1. Denny Denfield seems to have used a lot of one-off models. This is one of quite a few for whom I've fruitlessly searched for more work. Still looking, though.

  4. Gorgeous. So good to see a natural red head in all his naked glory.

  5. Les hommes aux cheveux rouges ont en feu l'interieur.
    Cette image me rappelle l'amour de ma vie Guenhael. Un bodybuilder breton que j'ai recontre a la Cote d'Amethyse en 1977. Aux cheveux roux et a la peau claire, il etait affectueux. Quand nous nous embrassions ou nous tenions le main, cela scandalisait la plage. Il etait aussi tres passionne, Dieu merci pour les hotels!
    C'est triste a dire Guenhael, mon chevalier breton, n'est plus parmi nous.

    Gentilhomme a Paris