Thursday, January 5, 2023

Fau-Vay Kombi

The Volkswagen Kombi was one of the first camper vans and is considered by some to be a precursor of the RV craze.  Affectionately called "Fau-Vay" by Germans, the VW brand has gone from being almost pure economy to a mainstream quality marque.  This guy is demonstrating that they still had a way to go at this point.  No shower, just a plastic bucket and washcloth.



  1. The VW Kombi was called a "dormobile" in Britain in what is a perfect example of what linguists call a grammatical "proprietary eponym". The Dormobile was a specific brand name for a campervan, made in Britain in the 1950s (in Folkstone, Kent). As with Hoover and Sony Walkman, the brand name - written capitalized - came to mean all campervans - written lower case. To my knowledge neither the VW Kombi or the Dormobile came with a naked man which possibly explains why I have never gone camping in the entirety of my life.

    1. I haven't been camping since about age 26 when sleeping on the hard ground lost all appeal.