Sunday, January 8, 2023

Michael Finnegan

 I made this composite to show off all three views of Michael Finnegan by AMG.


  1. Smiling...adds to the quality of the spread.

  2. Both bows and stern with this one... and Gawd bless all who sail in her.

  3. Finnegan looks like one of the sailors you see at Mardi Gras in New Orleans.
    Or a facsimile of a sailor going around town in a sailor suit with the seat cutout to display one of the main asset's some sailors are known for.
    great trio of pix!...:)

    1. Having lived in NO for eight years, I see what you mean. There used to be a Naval Air Station there at Belle Chasse, and those guys would wear their civvies when in town during Carnival, I suppose in order to not be mistaken for the other sort of "sailors" trolling the streets. A British warship turned up one year at Mardi Gras, and they wore their uniforms on shore. Led to some interesting encounters, especially when they inevitably wandered into the gay section of the Quarter.

    2. I can just imagine those British sailors on Bourbon Street!
      When I first went to Mardi Gras, I did not know what to expect. I really had no idea how wild some of the locals and tourists could get. I don't believe it til I see it. What some people did to earn/get their Mardi beads! I saw it and then believed it! I do remember Navy men in their civvies, they told me why as you explained. Fun times....)

  4. Wow! I've seen only the middle photo of Michael and didn't think to search for more. That butt photo sent me looking. Whoa! He is fine!