Monday, January 30, 2023

Pgs. 6-7



  1. As I have said before, the physique magazines that came over the pond en masse were back numbers and some over ten years old. This explains why I am more familiar with the posing strap era compared with the later editions in the '70s. I notice that the hair lengths have changed in keeping with the fashions but there are still a lot of short haired men in this edition. I take it that these were perhaps earlier photographs taken during the posing strap era and held over in anticipation of a change in the law. That dreadful Vietnam War ended in 1975. Could they be soldiers called up in the draft?

    1. The hair length thing in America was complicated. A lot of young men who were not in the armed forces chose to keep their hair short for a variety of reasons. Some employers did not allow long hair, and some private colleges even forbade it early on. Some young men did not want be associated with the hippie movement as well. Having said all that, some of Mizer's photos were undoubtedly taken years before.