Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Sketch book

If you look closely at the top of this drawing, you'll see where it was literally torn out of a sketch book.  I'm not sure just what the model was doing, but Allyn Cox boldly signed the piece.



  1. Certainly an interesting pose. The torso is slightly slumped, implying we are well into the pose time. I would suggest that some prop or support has not been drawn. The left elbow may be resting on something. To hold that right arm like that, in mid-air, is very tiring. More than 10 minutes would be painful. Perhaps roughed out, then details added later?

    1. Allyn Cox often drew studies where the subjects were clearly holding or otherwise engaged with "imaginary" objects or surfaces. Some were obviously rifles or tools, but this one stumps me.

    2. Perhaps a loop of rope or a strap? This, even if not drawn, would stabilise the right arm.