Monday, February 20, 2023

40 whacks

Was Lizzie Borden's axe this big?  Larry found this French nudist chopping 
away on, appropriately enough, a French vintage photo website.



  1. He's French? I thought they'd abolished the axe. A certain Docteur Guillotin invented a machine to make beheading more humane and King Louis XVI approved a working model and signed it into law. Little did either of them know that he and Marie Antoinette would be the most famous victims of it. Perhaps it wasn't so good on wood.

  2. Couper du bois est un tache ardue.
    En France, le bourreau en chef etait connusous le nom de 'Monsieur de Paris'.
    La guillotine etait un appareil complexe qui necessitait un entretien assidu.

    Gentilhomme a Paris

  3. I like the way his penis was caught in this photo.