Sunday, February 12, 2023

Clothes horse

When he wasn't busy being undressed, Jim Stryker posed
 in clothes for Guy Russell's men's fashions.



  1. This is the reason bikini briefs became not just fashionable but a necessity as the fashions changed in the early 1960s. These tapered trousers, often worn with a short, tight jacket known as a "bum freezer", were a rehash of Edwardian fashions. They have since come round yet again in the contemporary "skinny fit".

    1. My grandmother used to say, "If you wait long enough, almost anything will come back into fashion." And if it didn't, she would wear it to one of her "tacky parties" where the guests were required to wear their worst clothes.

  2. It is not the shadow, but the VPL ( Visible Penis Line) at 5 o'clock!

  3. interessant a se den villige nakenkroppsmodellen stryker som fullt kledd moteplate. er det sant at han prostituerte seg eller var han bare promiskuos ? *osloson