Monday, February 6, 2023

Earl Maynard

I recently came across this doubly rare (Black model and frontally nude) photo of Earl Maynard by Royale.  Disclosure:  I removed yellowing and increased contrast to make it more viewable.



  1. Viewers ought really to look this man up, because he had one helluva life. Mr Maynard was born on Barbados and at 17 came to Britain on an Imperial British passport. He earned a degree, went into the British Army, became a successful international competition winning bodybuilder and later starred in and then produced films. And allowed Royale to photograph him naked. What a life!

    1. Truly remarkable! Thank you, Julian, for posting these fascinating biographical facts.

  2. Monsieur Maynard, un autre bel homme des Caraibes, un homme aux multiples realisations. Il a un physique bien forme et un joli phallus. La photo semble avoir ete prise sur un coup de tete.

    Gentilhomme a Paris

  3. I'm really glad that you had a series about black men. It's very nice to see that they aren't 'BBC' shots. I do find that black men's penises are very appealing, but NOT the really big ones. It is the skin color or something that draws my interest. Of course, these in this series are all flaccid, but I like them that way (chuckle)!