Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Odd couple

"I wore the dress yesterday.  A few more gulps of this swill,
and I'll be ready to have my way with you."



  1. Who needs to be authenticated with a pose like that? Even his little pinkie's bronking over his mug of nasturtium flower cordial.

    1. Speaking of floral drinks, I'm crazy about that elder flower press they sell in the West Country. I always bring home a bottle or three and wish they sold it in gallon jugs.

    2. I used to go out as a boy to pick elder flowers for the cordial... but if you like the cordial, you will LOVE the wine. Boy-oh-boy, it puts many a white wine to shame.

    3. Didn't the old lady in Arsenic and Old Lace serve elderberry wine?

    4. I believe you're right. I haven't thought about that play in years. I was taken to see Arsenic and Old Lace by a repertory company at the Salisbury Playhouse as a boy - another 15 minutes at 90mph across Salisbury Plain - and I later saw the film with Cary Grant. But you've rung a bell...

    5. The last time I went racing across the Salisbury Plain at high speed, it did us no good at all because we got held up by a convoy of tanks on maneuvers.