Thursday, February 23, 2023

Sailor Jock

I haven't a clue as to who this sailor in a jockstrap is,
but I have to say that I like the photo very much.



  1. Upon first glance, I was not impressed with this photo. But the more I glanced, the more I was entranced. You do have an eye for treasure.

  2. I do know that both the US and Royal Navies issued a jockstrap. From the US Navy body morph photos, this seems to be the real McCoy. From that we may possibly and quite reasonably surmise that this is a real sailor, from one of the California naval bases, earning a dollar or two before hitting the town - as so many of them did.

    1. Thanks, as always, for your help on the garment. As you say, he wouldn't be the first Navy man to pose for spending money.

  3. I like this one! Theft in progress.

  4. I could get people to pay me NOT to pose LOL-Dee Exx

  5. The jockstrap on this sailor-jock frames his bulging assets well....:)

  6. I know my post is over a year late, but:

    This is Joe Stone, a Navy boy, AMG, 1950s.
    I have a few more photos in which he's wearing a jockstrap. The only nude I have is backside only.