Sunday, March 26, 2023


This is the first of three composites I made to show how different students drew the same models at the same time in class.  What sets this group apart is that one is a color work and the others are monochrome drawings.  It is possible that some art school archivist made black and white copies of what were originally color works at some point before color duplicating became easy and affordable.  The artists are (l-r) Ferrier, Chartran, and Rixens.



  1. Very interesting to see different artists' representation of the same scene. Chartran seems to have added a few inches onto the model's penis, so I think we can tell what he was interested in.

    1. I went back and found the higher resolution single scan of the Chartran panel and enlarged it. What we see isn't a longer penis, but the appearance of such due to the angle from which the artist worked. The extension is actually one of our model's testicles, and the software I used to make the composite didn't show enough detail for that to be clear.