Monday, March 27, 2023

1959 Business News Photo

Bill Derrick's employer, Todd International Shipyards, thought enough of him to have this 1959 photo made and published in several West Coast newspapers, as well as Bill's hometown paper, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram.  The reason was to announce his promotion and transfer to the company's San Francisco division.  It was there that he teamed up with Dave Martin.



  1. Wow, talk about a gifted and talented man. He is rugged and handsome. His body is splendid. The pouch on his posing strap is filled with the coinage of the kingdom. You've knocked the wind out of me with this series, Jerry. Thank you, of course.

    1. You're welcome, Leroy! This was one of those series I truly enjoyed putting together.

    2. This information about Bill Derrick's Employer and work explains a lot for me. I had always wondered why Derrick was one of the rare Dave Martin Models who never posed fully frontal Nude. I would guess Bill did not want to do anything that might embarass his Employer. I have never seen any fully Nude Photos of Derrick ever.

    3. Neither have I, and I think you're right about his employment concerns.