Thursday, March 16, 2023


One of my favorite Arax models is Ardre Drapp, a successful French bodybuilder and wrestler.
He was a Resistance fighter in WWII and became an expert on Classical sculpture.



  1. Quite a number of pre-war personalities were in the dog house after liberation and both Maurice Chevalier and Coco Chanel, to mention but two, had to work very hard at their reputations against accusations of collaboration. (Not so Edith Piaf, despite the racket she made, who visited POW and work camps in Germany smuggling in vital information for which she would have been tortured and then shot had she been caught.) André Drapp was indeed a bona fide member of the Resistance who had claimed a number of Nazi scalps seeing action in acutely dangerous circumstances. He was one of those whose wartime activities helped propel him to the top. He was much lionized and admired and is a very good example of some athletes who have both brain and brawn - and used both to great effect.

    1. Thanks for the details, Julian. His war service had to have contributed to his success.

  2. He *Was* a Classical Sculpture!-Dee Exx