Friday, March 3, 2023

John Winship

John Winship never fails to look outstanding,
and this Kovert number is no exception.



  1. Not only was Winship one of the best nude models of the modern era, this photographer captured him beautifully. Winship was known for having several large distracting tattoos which are nowhere to be found in this photo. Great lighting, minimal oil and body hair; Douglas of Detroit would have been his only serious competition

    1. The emerging consensus is that while Freddie Kovert hired contractors to take a significant portion of the photos he marketed, he was the "artistic director" who set up the poses. Although not evident here, a lot of his early work reflected his silent movie background. I agree that this photo approaches perfection for the reasons you mention, and yes, DoD was the only peer who could rival him. As for the tattoos, they were loathed in certain circles and loved in others. To each his own. It's so sad to think that because of his suicide we will never know how far Mr. Kovert might have gone artistically. Thank you for your thoughtful and informed comment.