Thursday, March 9, 2023

Kneel and flex

Al Urban's business started with photographing bodybuilders, and it pretty much remained that way.  He would often shoot the models nude and use the same photo for both magazine publication (with posing strap or trunks drawn in) and illegal postal sales of frontal male nudes.  Naturally this led to multiple arrests, culminating in a 1960 yearlong jail sentence.  At times, he is believed to have used the expedience of penciling over the genitals, leaving it to the knowing customers to rub it off.  The photo above might well be an example.  If you look closely, you can see smudges.



  1. He's not such a great physique specimen. But I guess in that era, that was a secondary consideration. What was under the drawn-on strap would be the focus.

    1. Right. This is not one of Mr. Urban's better build models.

  2. like scratch-off lottery? Dee Exx

  3. Talk about rubbing one off!
    I like all sizes, especially when uncut.