Wednesday, March 8, 2023


Mr. Weinberger specialized during most of his career in rebels, misfits and punks, so I find 
this man posing in a motorcycle helmet to be a bit of a paradox.  While the belt with gromets across
 the thigh and the boots give us a fair dose of leather, the helmet just doesn't fit the rebel motif.  
Of course, the photographer may have intended us to see it that way as a juxtaposition.  
In any case, I guess there's no doubt that we have a biker here.



  1. I particularly like this photo. I find the model's penis particularly mesmerising! Maybe due to the way it's pointing almost directly to camera. It's also wonderful to see a guy posing relatively naturally - no extreme artifice, no steroid-driven über muscularity. It's just nice!

    1. Well, the package is nice, in full view, and pointed right at us. So what did I spend all my time commenting on? The props. Sometimes I miss the point entirely.