Monday, March 13, 2023

Rod Crowther Day

Our series today features the work of Rod Crowther, an Eastern USA photographer who frequently incorporated attractive elements of nature in his work.  I have a small set of this model who I think is named Bill Labatte. In an interesting historical note, Mr. Crowther registered some of his work 
with the U.S. Copyright Office as early as April, 1966.  That was quite rare among his peers.



  1. This is a rare case where IMHO, the model could have been lightly oiled.

  2. I have a couple of photos of this model. Although you don't see it much here he reminds me of Johnny Sheffield from the Tarzan movies in the other ones I have. Boy all grown up without the loincloth!

    1. I loved those Weissmuller Tarzan movies as a kid for obvious reasons. Years later, I thought James McArthur who played Danno on the original Hawaii 5-0 was Johnny Sheffield grown up. Turned out I was wrong, but I still think they looked alike.

    2. I would liked to have seen James McArthur in some beefcake photos, much like his contemporary Glenn Corbett did. That might not have gone over too well with his mother Helen Hayes!

  3. I reckon you're right about it being Bill La Batte. Looks like the same guy to me. This is only the 5th photo I've seen of him.