Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Thomas Eakins Day

It's time for another series on the work of Thomas Eakins, and we start with two 
of his students on a wooden platform.  I think the one at right is J. Laurie Wallace.



  1. I certainly enjoy Thomas Eakins photos, since I love to see naked men. I think he had quite the same interest.

    1. Decades after his death, some of Eakins' personal correspondence came to light, and it became rather apparent that he was gay.

    2. Wow. Never knew that. Always enjoyed his photos and paintings. He definitely enjoyed nudes, and I am glad he did. It is obvious he loved the male form. He did some female nudes but no where near as many as the males. And surely favored his male students and assistants and spent much time with them.
      It’s fascinating that many famous families keep the correspondence of the deceased private or destroy it to keep such things secret. And it’s a shame.

    3. Eugen Sandow's family burned his correspondence when he died to keep anyone from knowing that he had relationships with men.