Sunday, April 23, 2023

Young cowboy

For those of you who like the young, fresh faced type, we have this cowboy.  That thing he 
is holding is a saddle for bronco riding.  His real saddle is on the ground at his feet.



  1. I never knew rodeo riders had a different saddle - but then, I've never been to a rodeo. It looks beautifully made. One of my grandfathers was in tanning and hides and when the Russian Revolution cut off supplies from the British market, he imported from North America (and even went to New York on the Queen Mary in the '30s to trade with the American and Canadian dealers).

    I've just seen a major Russian-language film recounting Yuri Gagarin's first flight in space. Soviet hardware was notorious for its nuts and bolts but I could hardly believe it when Gagarin held on to two steel handles on chains bolted to the capsule floor. (The interior of the moon lander looked like a primitive submarine and the single cosmonaut was going to negotiate his landing manhandling what looked like a handlebar!) Early Soviet flights were remotely controlled and Gagarin was to be given a code to go to internal guidance only if necessary. He was in fact given the code before lift off, which probably saved his life, because the capsule went into a spin on re-entry and he only just managed to gain control. What was depicted was something not far short of rodeo riding!

    1. Interesting comparison of space flight to bronc riding. I'll never forget Slim Pickens' ride on the bomb in Dr. Strangelove. He actually began his career as a rodeo performer, so it must have been second nature.