Thursday, June 22, 2023


I think the model with the sword posed for some of the other German photographers who worked in 1900 Italy.  In fact, both of these may have.  Schulz probably knew the others, so why not?



  1. What with Italians being so tactile, it's difficult to tell if Schulz is hinting at homo-eroticism here or merely reflecting the status quo, which would have been quite at odds with that of Northern Europe. The Scots have even more distance between themselves than even the English and in Scandinavia, I have in fact been asked not to walk so close to others such is the sense of personal space. But then, Scandinavia is a vast area - lift to top of Norway up, pivot it over on its southern tip and it would land in Morocco and Sweden is the largest country in Europe after France - with very small populations and so they have that luxury. The Italians are all over each other all the time. The one on the right is very dreamy, isn't he.

    1. I think Schulz was going for homoeroticism, but that's just my opinion.

  2. These two both look familiar. Great expressions.