Sunday, July 23, 2023

Bamboo pole

Here is yet another example of a model posing with a diagonal staff.
This time the prop is a bamboo pole.



  1. An extraordinary pose that highlights the beauty and musculature of a men in full health and fitness. It's too bad we don't have the complementary photo of a front view. Well-done post. Many thanks.

  2. This photo is from an early 20th C. German magazine called "Die Schonheit," by a photographer simply named 'M. Schadewald.' The model here is (unfortunately) unnamed. The magazine was a publication of the early naturist movement, and featured several photographers including Von Gloeden. While naturist mags at that time featured photos overwhelmingly of females, Die Schonheit was among the first to give males almost equal billing. (I, for one, am immensely grateful.)

    1. Die Schonheit has been described by some as one of the earliest gay publications because of its depiction of nude men. While I have no doubt that it was popular among gay men, I am reluctant to say it was directed at them. It was, however, a big step in the right direction.