Tuesday, July 4, 2023

Fourth of July Skin Art - Old Glory in Tattoos

Every now and then I go off the rails and out the window thematically, and this time it's 
for the Fourth of July.  We will look at ten men who showed their patriotic fervor by 
getting the American Flag tattooed on their bodies.  We start with F.P. "Frenchie" Plourde, 
a sailor who got his work done by Percy Waters of Detroit.  The date is given as 1921, 
but it probably took longer than a single year to complete all that.



  1. Plourde is a French name from Province of Québec. Maybe he was sailing on the great lakes as my grand father did as a inginer on bord those long grain boats.

    1. Interesting family connection. A number of Quebecois migrated to the USA and took citizenship. I have a friend from New England who is descended from them.

    2. I know in many ways like some relatives to my grand mother from my dad side immigrated in Boston. Some of my family also and changed their french name for «Lange» as our ancestor arrived at L'Ange Gardien near Quebec city in 1647. One of my uncle married to my mom's sister was born in USA in Vermont. My ex «husband» had his aunt Nicole sister of his mother who married an American and lived in Plattsburgh. Also her sister
      aunt Michèlle also married an American and did live north of NYC. In those times it was easy to cross the border. When I was 5yo, 1955, we moved to Standstead near the USA boder. My mom often went in USA by foot to shop there.

    3. You know your history well, which is something a lot of people don't bother with anymore. My other hobby besides this blog is genealogy, so of course I have a keen interest in it. Thanks for sharing.