Thursday, July 13, 2023


I don't know where or when this picture was made, but I'm pretty sure 
they're French.  I think that's a flare gun the fellow at right is holding.



  1. Yes, these are French... but why they are naked in what is a posed rather an opportunistic snap, heaven knows. Mass photography was still relatively new for the man-in-the-street and I wonder if it was some sort of dare or right of passage.

  2. I'm hearing La Marseillaise!-Dee Exx

  3. I tried to enhance the text above the guy on left but picture resolution not good enough to discern what was written, but suspect the text was written in chalk on purpose to "identify" this pose/group of guys. Interestingly guy on left is circumcised, the 3 others aren't.
    Each of the 4 wears different had. 3 guys on lefdt wear a "belt" holding same type of "box" (I assume ammunition), though leftmost only has 1 box, the other two had 2). Right how has totally different belt. and no box for ammunition.
    Outer two wear same sling over shoulder. But middle 2 have more comp,ex set of straps. Mustach of #3 from left is vcery typical from France. Almost too cliché.