Monday, July 10, 2023

Gene Burton

Pen and ink fill in order forms seem so quaint these days, but were de rigueur back then.
Playgirl often used that page to tease us with someone from the following month.
In this case it was Gene Burton in a rustic sailing spread.



  1. Back in the days when cigarette companies had full page advertisements in magazines, Winston had a campaign where they staged rugged, outdoorsy looking guys doing rugged, outdoorsy things like chopping wood or raising an anchor onto a boat. Of course they were fully clothed, but they definitely exuded sex appeal. This photo of Gene reminds me so much of that campaign, I wonder if they used the same photographer.

    One more thing. Not to sound crass, but Gene had an impressive sack.

    1. His penis was not tough to look at, either. Not to be offensive, but neither part is a disappointment.

    2. James, if they didn't use some of the same photographers, they certainly shared the same inspiration. Nothing offensive in either the comment or the reply, btw. That package is worthy of note.

    3. Taken to the extreme by Marlboro, of course

  2. Arrrr, Jim me lad.... Mr Burton could have tied his hair up in a queue with a velvet ribbon and looked really piratical.