Thursday, July 13, 2023

Germans with horses

One reason the Germans lost World War II was that for all their vaunted technology,
they relied on horse drawn wagons to get materiel from the railheads to the front.



  1. Yes, for all their vaunted technological superiority, the Germans did indeed use a large amount of horses. The Allies did, too, much much fewer in number - the British virtually nil on the mainland. That said, there is a memorial, in Park Lane, to the animals who participated in war, but it was all the wars. It was unveiled by Princess Anne in 2004, to controversy. Many thought it was just sentimental and decadent. The Germans also used a lot more leather than the Allies, and at the war's end, the British soldiers noted that the Germans taken prisoner-of-war smelt of unwashed bodies and leather.

    1. Sentimental, perhaps, but the contribution should be remembered.

  2. Taking into account that the animals did NOT volunteered...