Saturday, July 8, 2023

Hard to see

It looks like this gentleman neatly folded his suit at left.  If you look closely, 
you can see just the hint of a money shot, and the hat is perfect.



  1. Ah, the proprieties must be observed at all times. That hat is very aptly called a "boater" because one wears one while "boating". A good quality straw boater from a reputable manufacturer will set you back about £100 today. The traditional hat band is a black and red stripe - but as with all hat bands, the quality is in the bow. Awfully sorry, but there is no money shot, those are the metal, triangular adjusters for his braces (suspenders) glinting in the sun. Besides, a gentleman didn't go out and about town - or up the Swanee - with ready cash, his bankers settled all accounts within 28 days upon the presentation of an invoice. I really would LOVE to know the back story behind this one...

    Now how I came to get this hat 'tis very strange and funny
    Grandfather died and left to me his property and money
    And when the will it was read out they told me straight and flat
    If I would have his money I must always wear his hat

    Where did you get that hat?
    Where did you get that tile?
    Isn't it a nobby one and just the proper style?
    I should like to have one just the same as that
    Where e'er I go they shout: "Hello, where did you get that hat?"

    Joseph J Sullivan - 1888

    1. " . . . and he's a dedicated follower of fashion."

    2. agreed its not money...
      but, rather a glint of sunlight triangle patch on his thigh.

  2. I've just brought myself a hat like that.

    1. I'm pleased to know that they can still be found and bought.

    2. My grandfather took a train to Galveston in 1915, and we have a picture of him in a boater hat on the pier. He was 19 at the time and had never been so far away from home.

    3. Wonderful to know. I recently saw a film shot in New York about the same era. Almost everybody, men and women, were wearing boaters.