Monday, July 17, 2023

Nudist Week, Day 3 - Australian Bears

When I extended my vintage definition into the 1980s, a treasure trove of Australian nudist 
photos became fair game for the blog.  For day three of Nudist Week I'm posting a group 
of bearish men, starting with a guy who has a camper van, something very Australian.



  1. Is he tanned or does the shot have an orange tinge to it?

  2. Difficult to say. The dawns and dusks in Australia leave a curious reddish tint to the atmosphere, reflecting the very red soil of the continent. The "camper" van was in British English back in the day always a "camping" van. Say that Down Under and the Aussie sense of humour would go from 0 to 60mph in 5 seconds. The only "camping" van now on the market is a model known as the "Priscilla" - bought second hand from some Swedish tourists called Lars, Lars, Lars and Lars.

    1. The Australian tourists we get in this part of Hawaii tend to be quiet types for some reason. The usual sorts seem to stick to Honolulu.

    2. The reddish soil you're likely referring to is in the 'red centre', the "real" outback. We never really had any kind of orange tinge to our sunsets (I'm from Melbourne) - unless of course there was some weird weather event on the horizon (not pun intended).

    3. Where I grew up, the sky color sometimes depended on which way the wind was blowing, i.e. whose airborn dirt was passing by. Red one way, brown the other.