Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Nudist Week, Day 5 - Before there was FKK, there was Wandervogel

In the late 19th Century, there was a nature movement called Wandervogel (wandering bird) that eventually became partly naturist/nudist before morphing into FKK.  Into exercise, sunshine, fresh air, and healthy living, the Wandervogelers had a tendency to march about the countryside, sometimes singing and dancing.  In one famous episode, a band of them entered the town of Erfurt, and within an hour or so, 10,000 citizens joined them in folk dancing in the streets, presumably clothed.  The photo above shows a small group from 1912 in a pasture in North Germany.



  1. What is FKK standing for? Sometimes it's puzzling to see all those acronyms not knowing their meanings. Worse as like me I'm a French speaking man. I'm bilingual but those English stuff are not easy to understand..

    1. Good question! FKK is short for "Frei-körper-kultur.” This phrase translates into English as "free body culture."

  2. Whatever this is, I want to join in.