Monday, July 10, 2023

Steve Rally

I have a strong feeling that Steve Rally permed his hair for this photo shoot where he 
seems to be changing a light bulb.  Playgirl loved guys who could look handy.
And am I the only one who thinks Rally was a stage name?



  1. Yes, absolutely, definitely a perm. I wore my hair in a perm. My father said I looked like a poodle and warned me I'd be arrested if I relieved myself against lampposts. I've also worn a ponytail - or more properly a queue. Hell, I've had more hairstyles than Hillary Clinton and she's never had abs like that.

    1. There are other wonderful things, besides abs that, Ms Clinton did not that are beautifully visible here.

    2. I love your father's sense of humor, Julian.

  2. He appeared in a gay movie years later, one of those they show at gay film festivals & then later on some lower-quality streaming channels. I can't remember the plot but have seen it more than once. Steve plays the aerobics teacher of the mom of the main charater, and he (Steve) has a much nellier voice than he'd guess.

    Steve's best pics were from a few issues later, when he was reshot as "Man of the year 1984". Let's say it got quite stiff