Monday, August 21, 2023

Bill Rex

The giant candy cane pole and Bill Rex made a good combination here.  Bill's brother Robert 
was one of Pat Milo's favorite models based on the number of pictures made of him, but Bill 
really excels in this shot.  The two look rathr alike, but Robert had a lot of tattoos.


  1. I like the way the lighting brings out the musculature of his torso.

  2. I have just watched Apollo 13 again (directed by Ron Howard, 1995). Just to bring home how mechanical everything still was, despite an onboard computer, when Command Module Pilot, Jack Swigert, docks with the Lunar Module in orbit, the lock indicator flicks over from white to a striped pattern. Flight Commander Jim Lovell then comes out with a priceless piece of Nasaspeak when he confirms over vox, "Talk-back barber pole".

    Well, Mr Milo's barber pole is certainly talking to me. The red is only a few frequencies lighter than the background, yet has to be inferred from the monochrome image. Superbly angled on an ascending left to right viewing perspective, it lifts the whole image... Was there ever a more cleverly used single prop?

  3. Wonderful concept. Hints of a carousel ride?